Kyle Kingson started out as a guy who believed that the only way through life was to be “good looking”. He treated Zala the maid horrible and was quick to judge her background, always saying she was a terrible mother but she was actually making money for her family by working for him. Turning ugly was a wake up call but falling in love with Lindy made him a better person. Because he spent so much time with her he ended up acting like her. But even after turning ugly it still took him a while to realize why he was in that state, he didn’t actually change for a few months. The moral of the movie is too not judge a book by its cover and that god made us with personalities.

Bus Moniter bullied

The incident of the bus Moniter being bullied was probably the worst behaviour a human could offer, especially a school student who should be respecting their elders. What I find most unacceptable of the morals/behaviour of the students is that they don’t have any remorse what so ever, they just continued with the disgusting language and laughing about it. The by-standers in this situation sat there recording instead of calling for help. Their instincts were probably too step in and stop it but at the same time its sometimes best not to get involved. There are not many similarities at all between the parable of the good Samaritan as no one really helped her which was really disappointing.

The Parable of the Good Samaritan

The Parable of the Good Samaritan is about a man who was robbed and left almost dead on a trip from Jerusalem to Jericho. A priest actually walked past saw the man but decided to walk on the other side. Finally a man from Samaria came, saw the man and felt bad for him, helped him and put him on his donkey and took him to an inn.

In my opinion this story tells us that standing around doing nothing is just as bad as committing the crime. People need to more often ask themselves “what Jesus would do” in a situation like this.

Sydney Jewish museum

The Sydney Jewish museum was a great experience given to us year 10 students as part of our year 10 transition week. It was really confronting but very interesting. We were lucky enough to hear a story from a man called David who was on of the survivors of the holocaust, you could tell how emotionally scared he was just like anyone would be after such a devastating experience. I remember him talking about when his parents were taken away, the last time he saw them. He mentioned how he could never forgive the Nazis for what happened, in my opinion you would have to be a really big person to forgive someone for that.

Over all I am glad we had the opportunity to attend this day and defiantly got something out of.