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English evaluation

The English topic and its ups and downs, it exciting parts and just straight boring parts but overall it was exciting topic

I found macbeth and the Shakespeare topic really boring and challenging

L learnt a lot from english such as what shakespeare did and about his life

What people think and what will happen in the near future or the  far future

Monitoring session 1

These are the goal that I wish complete by the end of May 2014

  • Better Organised
  • Improve Grades
  • List of option for post school

This is my plan for achieving my goals:

Better Organised:

  • Over summer holidays purchase a folder for each Subject
  • Make covers for the folders and fill them with plastic sleeves
  • Create folders for each subjects on computer
  • Back up everything on laptop using Sync Toy


Improved Grades:



List of options for pot school:

Sydney Jewish Museum

The Jewish museum was exciting and interesting i thought it woul be boring but i learned many things and what happened with holocaust it  seemed like intersesting with the jews and what they had to do if they got in troublr and how they could get if possible but it was hard times for jews for at least 20 years

Ten commandments what do you think it’s about?

I  think it’s ten rules from the bible to became a good pers0n..

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