The parable of the good Samaritan is a story Jesus told his followers to show the correct morals people should have
to. In this story there is a normal man travelling along a desert road when he attacked and robbed by bandits. He is left powerless on
the side of the road. Three people pass by crossing the road including a priest but one good Samaritan stopped to help this man.
He put the man onto his donkey and took him to the nearest medical centre where he could get treatment. He payed for his health and left him to recover.

This is a story of the type of follower Jesus wants us to be.

Knowing ow Jesus wants us his followers to be is one thing but actually putting these morals and values into our life is another one.
In our modern world it is becoming harder to keep these morals and people worry more these days about themselves more than others. Jesus is forgiving and we shouldn’t forget that it is ok to change our ways now than never.