On Tuesday the 14th of October we went on an excursion to the Sydney Jewish Museum.
Going to the museum i had a brief idea of what lied ahead but i was shocked to find out the real story of what has happened to these people.

We had a guide named David. He wasn’t a very religious Jew but he still maintained a connection with his spirituality. David like many Jews read the Torah when he turned 13, he participated in Jewish rituals and maintained a connection with his religion.

As he took us along our tour he showed us key things in the Jewish religion like the star of David and the sacred Torah. As we walked through the museum we got towards the most shocking event in human history, The Holocaust. As we went through the museum furthermore we looked at many confronting images. We looked at an image of hundreds of deceased Jews being put in a huge hole to be buried. There were over 10 of these holes at large concentration camps. I also learn’t that over 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. I had no idea that it was that many innocent people killed because one nation under a man called Adolf Hitler decided that Jews didn’t deserve to live and attempted and nearly succeeded in wiping an entire race out.

We also heard the story of a Czech Slovakian man who is 94. He spoke to us about his experience in the Holocaust and how his whole life was destroyed. He had lost his parents and everything he owned. His life was luckily saved by Russian’s who helped him back to full health after his time at the concentration camps.

Going to the Museum really opened my eyes on what humans are capable of and to think that 70 years ago this was all going on.
I really enjoyed this excursion because it had meaning in a way no other excursion has ever had on me.