In class we watched a filmed called Beastly were a boy named Kyle was the most popular kid in school and thought
the world revolved around him just because he looked good. He was rude and thoughtless to people he thought were ugly
and below him. He was cursed and made ugly by a girl he had been rude to.

He went on a journey to become a better kinder person and to not judge people by the way they look.
Kyle went through a one year process or redemption by changing his outlook on his life.
At first he was depressed and he couldn’t cope then he just learn’t to live with it. In all of his struggle
he met a girl he liked and slowly went on the path to redemption.

He eventually got a girl to love him for his kindness and caring, not for his looks on the outside. Kyle learn’t to not judge people
for the way they look but once you get to know the person. This was a valuable lesson learn’t in this film.