1. Before watching this program I believed that asylum seekers were doing the wrong thing. They shouldn’t risk everything for no guarantee of even getting a better life somewhere else. I believed in this because coming across vast oceans to a new land with the chance of being capsized or even taken by pirates.

2. Of the six participants i believe that Darren Hassan had similar views to myself. He wanted us to send the boats back because until we do that they wont stop coming. He also believed that risking everything to get on a boat is to much of a risk.

3. The scene where the participants went on an old looking boat was very interesting. They were curious to see what it would be like
but at the same time were scared to embark on a journey like thousands of people have done. This scene was very challenging for Raquel in particular because she was very afraid of getting on an unsafe boat and believed that we don’t have to go through all of that because we live in Australia.

4. I have learn’t that many asylum seekers leave their countries because there lives are in jeopardy. Some would rather die then live in their countries because they could be tortured and even killed. Living in war torn countries and politically run countries is like living in hell for some people.