Why was Rosebank Fluencies created?

To provide staff and students a platform to explore, reflect and share thinking with each other.

Blogging: Purpose, Audience and Context

The purpose of blogging is to provide an opportunity to challenge, reflect and create. One of the great benefits is the way it facilitates sharing and challenging ideas and therefore we justify our thinking.

Because of the public nature of blogging, your audience could be as small as a few classmates, or the entire world!

How to be a better blogger

Be present. Participate in classroom discussions and contribute your unique voice to the conversation.
Use appropriate grammar instead of texting language.
Use a respectful tone of voice when posting. Refrain from posts that trease, bully, annoy, spam, or gossip.
Keep conversations on topic.
Keep private information private. This includes telephone numbers, addresses, emails, etc.
Be sure to get permission before posting photos or videos showing yourself or classmates.
Show what you know! If you’ve found information or have an idea, share it on your blog.

Apply the CATCHER mnemonic:
Constructive – purposeful, helpful to yourself as well as others.
Appropriate – for the audience.
Topical – it’s not a journal about your life.
Considered – you need to be safe and take time to think before posting.
Honest – you should represent yourself and whatever you post truthfully
Edited – your work is worth the time to proof read
Respectful – of yourself and of others.

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