Bus Monitor Bullied

November 10, 2013

After watching the video ‘Bus Monitor Bullied’, I couldn’t help but feel sick knowing that there are people with such little respect for others and just filled with plain hate in our world. Not only is it the bullies who are patronising the older woman but the people around them who are doing nothing to stop what’s going on. The woman clearly starts off being annoyed until it develops into the children making her cry. No one deserves to be treated like they are worth nothing. I have been bullied before and I know that it isn’t something people should feel. You feel worthless.

Sydney Jewish Museum

November 8, 2013

When i arrived at the Sydney Jewish Museum i was shocked to see all the names in the wall, they didnt explain to us what these names were but i guessed it was the people that died with family members from Australia, the first part of the day was good learning about the ghettos and what they were. After learning about the ghettos we go to walk around and see a little bit of the museum by ourselves, one thing that i found interesting when walking around by myself was one of the stripped pyjamas.

After lunch we had a survivor talk to us about his experience, he was an older man and was proud that he was a survivor,  i could tell because he showed us things that he has recently done, one being skydiving, he told us the story about he went skydiving at the age 84, he also had a bike, he had a Honda R1, he also has been white water rafting.

Over all i had a good day and enjoyed it


  • Every Hebrew boy and throw them in the Nile River.
  • Likes Resises better then Moses

Pharaoh’s Daughter

  • Finds Moses and keeps him as her own.

Resises (Pharaoh’s Son)

  • Is the better son in Pharaoh’s Eyes


  • Born in Egypt Brought up by Pharaohs daughter and trained by his step brother.
  • Not like the other Egyptians, shows compassion and sympathy to the slaves.
  • Moses was exile from Egypt because he killed one of the guards.
  • Moses become part of a Hebrew family, married and had two kids
  • Demanded to let his people go (hebrews)
  • Joshua made as leader


  • Water turns into blood
  • Frogs
  • Lice
  • Flies
  • Pestilence
  • Boils
  • Hail
  • Locusts
  • Darkness
  • First born son died


  • Hebrews wandered in the dessert and eventually lost faith


  • Leaded the to cross the Jordan river

I think the ten commandments are rules made by Moses that were from God. The ten commandments were made for people to follow and live by to be a good Christian follow. 🙂

A-League Ladder 1/11/2012

November 1, 2012

P = Played W = Wins D = Draws L = Losses F = Goals For

A = Goals Against GD = Goal Difference PTS = Points

Source: http://www.footballaustralia.com.au/aleague/ladder

Hello world!

October 31, 2012

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