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This movie really shows how much people can change when something bad happens to them. It took one person who could see beyond the “ugliness” of Kyle to show that he was truly a different person, who had changed from the bad things that had happened. People are so self centered in the way they look, that they don’t care about how they are portrayed to people by the way they act.

Bus Monitor Bullying

I don’t know why people would do such things to someone, especially when they are just looking out for people. The kids who were on the route with the monitor, were talking down on her, and making her feel 2 feet tall. People need to respect people in the same way, they would like to be treated. But the thing that gets me the most is that, the bus DRIVER didn’t get up and do anything.

Why the Jews?

During the Year 10 Transition Week, the first stop of campus was the Sydney Jewish Museum. It was a very eye opening experience, considering we met a survivor of the holocaust. The gentleman who spoke to us was only about 8 when the holocaust started. He gave us an insight to what its was really like to be a part of the holocaust all those years ago. However I really couldn’t grasp why Hitler did these things.

It was an extremely eye opening experience.

Jewish Museum Visit

Extremely eye opening, to what happened all those years ago in the Holocaust.

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