Regarding the English assignment, does the reader have any idea how hard it is to create a believable criminal that does not swear? It’s really f—— hard. Like I get that the school has to keep image standards and all but I would rather make a good story with a believable (kind of) setting and characters than, a crappy G rated one. Not that there is anything wrong with a clean story, it’s just that not all good stories are suitable for all audiences. And before you say that swearing does not dictate whether this story will be good or not, you need to understand that in this context it provides not only realistic characterization of a criminal, but also further contrast between these characters. I could make a character seem better educated, mannered, whatever just because he doesn’t swear as much as his buddies do. It’s such a small thing but it gives so much impact in the way the characters present themselves and interact.

Realism isn’t really the stories strong suit anyway. I kinda screwed that up when I got a little too weird with the writing.

English Assignment ideas.

I don’t actually have a confirmation of this terms English assignment, so there may be some errors in what I can/can’t do, but I’ve made some ideas from what I understand so far.

So science fiction is pretty hand in hand with sepculative fiction. I’m going to make things easy on my self and take an issue of concern today, and put it in a scenario where it has progressed to a stage that makes it interesting. It’s like I’m exaggerating something to the point that  it’s worth making a story about.

People are very concerned about their privacy, considering that most information is free-flowing. So I’m going to take that, amplify it so that every bit of information about an individual is avalaible globally, and how that will affect people socially and economically along with things like buisness and crime. So if someone is HIV positive, then they are not going to get very far, as everyone will know.

I think I’ll base  this around somekind of plot in it’s own right.  I did something serious last time and it was draining, so I think I’m going to do something a little more light hearted this time around, like a bank robber is searching for his perfect one-liner or something.

I fear for the future of this task.


What is a new skill I can develop?

I am going to try to learn to lockpick the best I can in seven weeks.

Who uses this skill?

Locksmiths, thieves and creepy people.

Where can I find information on it?

Resources on the internet and maybe even some books.

When will I schedule my practice?

I think that it’ll be pretty good in that I can pretty much pick it up whenever and try whenever I have free time. I just need to bring the lock I am using and whatever equipment I need.

How can I display my development?

By posting videos of me getting closer to breaking the lock. If you think really optimistically, maybe if I crack one, I can move up to more complicated locks


Updating and the like.

So I  am trying to maintain the whole blog and it still looks terrible, but its a little cleaner. I don’t know why I would ever need a “sample page” but there you go. This post in itself is really just me trying to prove that I am using the blog, and the fact that there isn’t any actual information in it further proves that I have no idea what I am doing. So I’ll figure out a regular updating pattern which I ultimately won’t keep to, and try to get this voice recording thing going, I’m tying to find a program that will transcribe audio so I don’t have to force people to use headphones or whatever.

I write stuff on here.

So this is where you find the thoughts of a teenager. On the internet. How exciting. Look, as far as I can see if you are reading this and have nothing to do with me in reality, you are a trooper. As in you can endure things, so don’t ever change; I love you the way you are.  If however you are my supervising teachers or (hopefully not) my parents, you are here because that’s your job, so, no special points for you. I was told I have to talk about my thoughts on my learning I think? But as far as I know I have no real thoughts on that right now so I’m just going to talk like this and entertain myself. Actually this typing is rather tedious. Maybe I’ll do a recording for these entries instead. Food for thought.

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