13 Nov 2012

What is appropriation?

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In music, appropriation is the use of borrowed elements (aspects or techniques) in the creation of a new piece, and is an example of cultural appropriation.

Describe the original Hunters & Collectors original version. Comment on instruments, tempo, vocal style and the role played by various instruments.
The instruments used in this song are the guitar, vocals, tamborine, drum kit, piano and bass. An up-beat, moderato tempo is also used in this song. Every instrument has a separate role:
* The guitars role is to play riffs
* The role of the vocals were to bring the melody
* The role of the drum kit was to bring and keep rhythm within the song
* The role of the bass guitar was to play a riff at a much lower octave
* The role of the piano is to add decoration
The vocals in the song throughout are soft and relaxed, with occasional dynamic leaps in the chorus.

Describe the intent of the Hunters & Collectors original. Is it strong, aggressive, laidback, introspective or something else?
The intent of this song is laidback. No sections of the song have been played introspectively or aggressively. The music and lyrics have a very casual and conversational feeling to them.

Hunters & Collectors are considered an archetypal pub rock band. Describe the elements of the song that might best suit a pub-type environment.
The catchy and up-beat nature of the song give the impression that this is the sort of thing you would hear in a pub. Like in question 2, the music and lyrics have a very casual and conversational feeling to them.

Listen to the acoustic version. List the instruments accompanying the singer and describe the vocal style.
Instruments accompanying the vocals are:
* 2 acoustic guitars
* Tamborine
* Drum kit
* A backing vocalist
The vocal style overall is rather similar to the original version however the acoustic vocals are slightly smoother and cleaner.

Describe the intent behind the acoustic version. Would it be the same as the original version? Describe the type of audience and  listening situation best suited for the acoustic version.
\Like the original version, its intent still is rather laidback, even with the minor use of the drum kit. It would attract an audience interested in soft rock. The vocals are more clearly heard in the acoustic version, giving more of a subjective impact as it increases effectiveness of the conversation significance.


List at least four differences between the versions. Include reference to instruments, vocal style and intent.
– The acoustic has fewer instruments than the original.
– The vocals are more dominant in the acoustic version.
– The acoustic has a  more laidback and relaxed feeling that the original.
– Acoustic dynamics were lower.

These are two very different versions of the same song. Describe how they differ in feel.
The acoustic has more of a soft rock feel whereas the original is more scratchy and strong. The acoustic version feels more relaxed than the original.

31 Oct 2012

Hello world!

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