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Proposal for my English task !

Towards preparing for this task ahead, I have seen numerous issues that the world has faced in the past years. An issue that I personally think should be expressed towards amendment is the issue of “Poverty” in our world today. Pushing fourth this issue, I will express my point of view towards “Poverty” by exemplifying my own poem, which will be shared among my fellow piers. I have chosen to do so, as I am very fluent in writing extended poems and also have a knack for rhymes. The reason also to my choosing of this topic is because to me it’s something that no matter how advanced or modernised our world gets, this issue will constantly be affecting some part of our world or even ‘universe’ as we see it.


If i was transported to the 50’s…

Waking up in the morning planning the day ahead of you and realising your alarm is gone. Wandering around the house and seeing your appliances in an old tacky state. Looking at your calender and your in the heart of the 1950s.

Imagine this happending to you? What would be the first thing you would do? How would you live your life?

The 1950s was a time where technology had been recently brought upon by us humans where life was becoming easier. The way of life was different for various reasons. Adults, Children and Teenagers knew how to cook, clean and create items by hand. They took this in account and “created” themselves with responsibility, something teenagers in the 21st century lack. With reposonsibility comes different other aspects towards life  and this is why life was peaceful and calm during the 1950’s and ‘why’ i would like to have lived in the 1950’s !

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