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Sydney Jewish Museum
There is a definite issue with balancing loyalty to authority with personal moral responsibility. Before visiting the museum, I didn’t know much or as much as I thought I did about the Holocaust. It was definitely a confronting experience, but one th (More)
The film Beastly explores the concept of redemption, true love and true beauty. It is focused around a student by the name of Kyle Kingson who is selfish, overly-confident and self-loving. He is put under a spell which alters his physical appearance (More)
Sin Wordle
Values and Morals
Morals refers to “the actions of an individual or group”, and values is that which is used to develop right behavior. A recent clip named “Bus Monitor Bullied” depicts an older woman who is clearly the bus monitor for a high school, being bullied by (More)
The \"Good Samaritan Parable\"
The Parable of the Good Samaritan is a well known parable that is often told over and over again throughout our educational lives. It depicts a young man who is beaten and robbed and left for dead, and 3 men who walk by without helping him. Finally, (More)
6. Making Moral Decisions in Contemporary Society
What process do people follow in making moral decisions?  One process that could be used when making a moral decision as an adherent with a religious worldview could be: ACT, INTENTION, END RESULT. - What is the moral dilemma? - Scripture an (More)
5. Moral Responsibility
In seeking to understand personal moral responsibility, use TWO of the following quotations, to address the following questions in a blog:   “Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.” (More)
4. Sin
Explain the process of the redemption (healing) of the character Kyle Kingson in the film Kyle was an arrogant and self-centred person who cared more about himself and how he looked in the eyes of others instead of looking at how he treats others. H (More)
3. Values & Morals
What, specifically, do you find unacceptable about the morals/behaviour of the students? The students themselves have absolutely no respect for t (More)
1. Excursion To The Sydney Jewish Museum
What do you already know about the holocaust? During WWII in Nazi Germany Hitler & the Jewish community Hitler was responsible for the mass murder of the Jewish people Concentration/death camps Was Hitler\'s attempt to create a perfec (More)
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