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Market Day 2012
On the 23rd, Stage 5 Commerce held their Market Day. My group, El Mexicano, was surprisingly popular! I think I underrated how much stress was going to be involved in the prepping and the flow of the day in general. Don't get me wrong, it was an ama (More)
Commerce Market Day
For the past term we have preparing for this day... Market Day. On Friday 23rd November 7 groups from year 9 & 10 held a market day for the rest of the school which would have been the highlight of the term for me as it was a great experience run (More)
Personal Reflection - First Five Weeks & Next Four Weeks
Reflecting on the past 5 weeks, it has been an interesting start to term 4. In English, we are discussing about speculative fiction. I do like some discussions we have done in English, but I would prefer if we focused on expanding our vocabulary, (More)
Heavy rain and thunder in the mind
In quite a few subjects we've been asked to write a blog post to give a little of our thoughts for the upcoming term, having had an orientation to what we will work on, mostly projects that we decide on ourselves. Since they all have a similar theme (More)
My Academic Journey (Year 6 - Present)
My Academic Journey In year 6 I cruised along with most of my class getting average results in many of my subjects i.e. English, Religion, HSIE, Science etc. My strongpoint was maths back then, and still is. Towards the start of year 7 and year (More)
The first of many
This blog website confuses me. I haven't used anything like it before nor have I really wanted to. But who knows, maybe it'll actually be worthwhile and of some use. Over time I'll get to familiarise myself with the functions. I guess we're going (More)
Hello world!
Welcome to your brand new blog at Rosebank College Sites. To get started, simply log in, edit or delete this post and check out all the other options available to you. For assistance, visit our More)
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