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\"The year is 2014… and everybody is finally equal.\"
I believe that many have suffered, been broken and taken part in a dark time all due to the issue of Apartheid within South Africa. It is proof of an unequal society due to the fact that the population was classified into four different races: white, (More)
Proposal for English Task
Proposal for English Task My task will take an essay form. I will speculate about today’s society’s morals and respect. I will also speculate about the young children’s behaviour to the elders. I would also speculate about the world which is getting (More)
What worries you about the world?
Today's world is getting scarier and more selfish because some young children are being so rude to the elders. Some of them have no respect at all and do whatever they want without thinking how young they are. Some adults say that it's because they a (More)
Silent Conversation & The Veldt
The learning technique 'Silent Conversation' that we used in class on Friday (9th November) was a little bit limiting and definitely not my forte. Each group was given a large piece of paper and one marker and we had to silently write our opinions to (More)
What if we lived in the 1950s?
1. If you were transported back to the ’50s to live as a teenager, what part of life in that era would you love? Explain why. If I was transported back to the '50s to live as a teenager, I would like to wear the clothes of the 50's and I will have (More)
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