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How do you feel about presenting in front of the class?
Presenting in front of the class sucks. (More)
\"The Rosebank Bunch\"
The highlight of this term for me would have been just being able to think and consider our own ideas and have our own ideas put into the whole concept of pop culture. During this term I learnt that popular culture and reality shows are not so real a (More)
English Class Reflection
This term for English the class has been learning about society and culture that is involved in reality television. We have also focused on the culture in the years between the 80\'s and 2000\'s and my group researched the important aspects that are (More)
Presentation- How do you feel?
How do I feel about presenting my research to the class? Just like every other presentation and every other student, I feel nervous to present but I know it will be fine and that I will get it over and done with.   (More)
How do I feel about presenting to the class?
 Presenting to the class has never been a struggle for me, but I always become nervous, as the hardest part for me about presenting is getting up to speak and all the eyes are on me. Although I feel I have created a very good presentation that people (More)
Why did I choose this text?
\"10 things I hate about you\" is a classic 90\'s teen American romantic comedy-drama film, directed by Gill Junger. This movie is a clear representation of the American High school life in the 90\'s and possibly today. Along with this representation (More)
\'10 Things I hate about you\' ITEEL
During the 90\'s grunge, rock and rebellion were popular things in the teen generation. In the movie \'10 things I hate about you\' Gil Junger features the theme rebellion and most if not all characters in this movie faces rebellion at one time durin (More)
Why did I choose this decade?
  The 90\'s was a time filled with baggy jeans, chokers, Friends, mixtapes and Dr. Martens. Fashion, music and cartoons basically wrapped up the decade. Throughout studying this decade I\'m looking forward to finding out new and important thi (More)
Breakfast at Tiffany\'s ITEEL
The 1960’s was a decade of outrageous hair styles, clothing, music, cars, personalities and movie stars. The film Breakfast at Tiffany’s was and still is a significant movie focusing on Audrey Hepburn’s character Holly Golightly the Tiffany and co st (More)
Researching the Sixties
 During my research of learning about the sixties and the music it have increased my knowledge dramatically about what it really was like back then. I thought that the sixties was the best era but little did I know there was a lot of chaos such as th (More)
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