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Mirror, mirror, on the wall
It seems that this week wasn't the best week for me. But that's entirely my fault. So it's okay. That doesn't mean that I won't still complain about it, though.     Monday was an okay day. I was under the impression that the (More)
French Video Film
By now our french music video is due tomorrow! We have put a lot of hard work into it and i really hope that it turns out well. For this project my job/role was the translation (which miss Scott helped me to correct) and i also helped out Christina w (More)
Video- Voice Recording
Our group today have almost finished our voice recording and advertisement posters, I think we need to work faster in order to meet our deadline, work at home and think and discuss the task at hand in order to complete it to the best of our ability. (More)
i have completed my whole french assesment in my group is ellie chynece and steph, we have made a dance and french song to gangnam style, while doing this song and dance its based at a cafe it was a funny experience and we had alot of fun doing it 🙂 (More)
Project Based Learning Progress
Today in French we began to edit parts of our video and put together our poster. Both myself and Meadhbh, were colouring our poster and adding details to it by drawing images, alongside incorporated and discussing more ideas and concepts to further t (More)
Today due to the weather we were unable to continue with out filming- so instead i continued with drawing up the advertisment posters for our videos. (More)
French Project; First lesson
In french this term, Yr 10's were given a special project to complete during the term. We have to split up in groups and create a roll play/musical containing mostly of the french language but some English is allowed to be contributed into the play a (More)
French video
We corregraphed parts of our dance today and filmed almost the entire video. We each fulfilled our responsibility of bringing in clothes which means that we were well prepared. We worked well in our group however we need to work faster and remember t (More)
French Filming
Today we began the filming our french music video to Live While We're Young, we filmed ourselves in our costumes- (Alexeya as Liam, Ankita as Harry, Christina as Zayn, Josie as Niall and Myself as Louis). Filming set was in Chapel courtyard and we ha (More)
french so far
recently in french we have been given a task to preform and film a song or act translated into french, this has been an exciting task to start because we get to pick any song we like, we are put into groups and every lesson we are working on our task (More)
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