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A bit of a general reflection...
I do realise that this blog isn't really a journal or diary as such, but I think that considering this term is drawing to a close, it might be a good time to reflect on everything that has gone on this term (school and other stuff). So to begin, I (More)
PDHPE - Lesson 4
Each lesson in PE I have been recording my process on writing with my left hand. I have recorded 4 lessons. Here is a photo after the four lessons  of practacing  my skill. More)
What I think of blogging so far
I can't say I have made up a set opinion of the whole blogging thing so far this term but I do have some thoughts about it. I guess the fact that it helps us to reflect on what we are learning about in class is good sometimes, it might be useful (More)
Maths this Term
This term in Maths we have been playing a series of games such as prison break, horse race and chances. I have enjoyed these games becuase I am a visual learner and by watching how things work I have relised much more about probability and chance. Th (More)
Caught in the rising tide...
Before I begin, I would just like to state that I did not come up with the title of this post. I was looking over the year nine (2011) CSDA public speaking topics, and came across this particular one. I thought it was fitting for a title, hence the r (More)
The Illustrated Man
In English this term we are focusing on Ray Bradbury's Illustrated man. Yesterday we specifically focused on The Veld. This is about a virtual universe where children can go to re-create their ideal universe. In this time their parent are worried tha (More)
PDHPE - New Skill
In Pe this term, each student in year 10 has to learn a new skill. My skill is writing with my left hand turns. I want to learn this skill becuase i have always wanted to learn this. I will write phrases with my right hand and try to copy with the le (More)
Origami Duck
Today ic made a Origami Duck with the help of this useful website ! I found this website through Google and i found these (More)
Transition Week
This week was a great experience and transition into becoming Year 11 studnets of Rosebank. All of the guest speakers taught us some very useful techniques to guide us along the rswt of our school lifes. They taught us many new things such as how to (More)
Term 4 - What have I learnt?
During term four, I have had transition week, year 10 formal, and mentors. I have also been introduced to blogging. Most of my friends don't like blogging because they think it's a big waste of time and that it's annoying. However, I actually like bl (More)
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