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Jewish Museum
During transition week some students in year 10 and I went to the Sydney Jewish museum in the city. It was a really good experience because we learnt more about the holocaust and how it effected peoples lives. something that i found out truly shocked (More)
The horrors of history
Throughout history the worst crimes have been committed. During World War Two Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party were responsible for the mass murder of 6 million Jewish people. Today I received insight at the Sydney Jewish Museum in Darlinghurst, into (More)
Ten Commandments
Moses came from a top of a hill with the ten commandments, ten rules of living life. Joshua lead the Israelities into the promised land which was acrosss the river Jordan. (More)
Mirror, mirror, on the wall
It seems that this week wasn't the best week for me. But that's entirely my fault. So it's okay. That doesn't mean that I won't still complain about it, though.     Monday was an okay day. I was under the impression that the (More)
learning style
After a session with my beautiful mentor a few weeks ago, I have grasped an idea of my learning style. We came to the conclusion that I learned best when watching off someone/something e.g YouTube. I didn't think much of it untill I had to complete m (More)
History Assessment
Been working on my history assignment, gathering information, making notes, thinking of ways to present it etc. I have come to the decision that it would be most productive for me to make a Prezi presentation then write up an explanation on it. The C (More)
background of the 10 commandments
Egypt. time of pharaohs, wealth, slavery - Hebrews. children of israel. too many numbers, pharaoh worried try’s to run them in to the ground to kill them. throw all baby boy of Hebrews –  thin out numbers force girls to marry egyptian men and take on (More)
So this term in History I thought the topics would concern Australia. I was wrong. Mrs Lethbridge and Mrs Cohen, our teacher/s, introduced us to Revolution. The first thing that came to my mind was rebellion, overthrow of government and civil disobed (More)
History Assessment
Today i received my History assessment task. It seems to be very interesting as i find some revolutions to be very informative. It gives you a range of revolutions that you can choose to study such as the French and Russian Revolution. I think that i (More)
Personal Reflection - First Five Weeks & Next Four Weeks
Reflecting on the past 5 weeks, it has been an interesting start to term 4. In English, we are discussing about speculative fiction. I do like some discussions we have done in English, but I would prefer if we focused on expanding our vocabulary, (More)
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