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Italian progress 2
The last couple of weeks in italian we  have been learning lines, filming scences and creating our Romeo and Juliet film...Godfather style!! Creating this project has been a great experience and opportunity to do something different and more creative (More)
Good and Evil
People question wheather people are just born good or evil. But really people become an image of their surroundings. (More)
Italian Progress
Our Italian film is coming together really well! Everyone involved in the production is making good progress, with scripting and organising costumes and characters for each person.The story line has come together and scripting has begun as well as th (More)
jordan, josh, levi, caley, rosie, toni, euginia, marisa. The group and i have decided to make a film useing the god father (the italian mafia) and  a sequence of romeo and juliet in our play. we have decided as a group who is goin to be what chara (More)
Italian project
In Italian we have began our project of making our own Italian film. A group of us have come together to come up with a story line and produce a Italian film which is a cross between the Godfather and Romeo and Juliet!! This lesson we had assigned jo (More)
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