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The Sydney Jewish Museum
On Wednesday the 15th of October, half of Yr 10 visited the Sydney Jewish Museum in Darlinghurst. Our focus of the excursion was to learn about the Holocaust. It was a very somber visit, as well as being quite factual and educational. The serious, (More)
Visit to Jewish Museum
During transition week, we had the opportunity to visit the Jewish Museum in Sydney CBD. Overall it was a very moving and informative experience, one that I will never forget. As we walked in and began our tour, I took in all sights to see and listen (More)
Why so mean Hitler?
This is pretty delayed but being sick seems to always take over my life... Anyways! Last Tuesday (14/10/2014) I, along with 3 other homerooms, went to the Sydney Jewish Museum. Some of the things I saw were quite amazing. The texts and stories tha (More)
Choice & Destruction - The Holocaust
In my opinion, the Holocaust is one of the most horrible events to ever occur in the history of the world. Every time I think about the horrible acts committed by the Nazi soldiers, I feel sick to my stomach. Today, half of Year 10 attended the Sydne (More)
Excursion to the Sydney Jewish Museum
The Sydney Jewish Museum is an institution located in Darlinghurst. When we arrived at the museum we listened to a Holocaust survivor, Eddie Jaku. His tale was epic and I found myself hoping to hear more. Unfortunately he told only a tiny potion of h (More)
Balancing Loyalty
Loyalty is an important aspect of a persons life but it is the loyalty to certain things that have various consequences to the individual and society. For example the German people having loyalty to Hitler and his Ideology and this hurt other individ (More)
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