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Rock climbing
Before today, I had never even touched a rock climbing wall let alone physically climbed one. Due to my fear of heights and my worrisome nature I found it difficult to bring myself to climb the big walls, the ones that required a harness. In the end, (More)
Wednesday morning bliss
Learning is always great, but have to confess I\'d rather be going on the boat today and learning about Brisbane Water. (More)
8 days a week - Utopian visions?
I\'ve been thinking about how we run schools. As so many commentators have noted, we still operate on factory lines and production models. Why? At Rosebank, we\'re about to bring on line another sta (More)
Fantastic Fridays - AKA The Happiness Project
So, this year I’m working four days a week. And, its incredibly liberating to say the least. Don’t get me wrong. I love my job. I love teaching, I love the kids, I love talking and thinking about learning. What I didn’t love was how much perspectiv (More)
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PDHPE - Lesson 4
Each lesson in PE I have been recording my process on writing with my left hand. I have recorded 4 lessons. Here is a photo after the four lessons  of practacing  my skill. More)
Loving our kids!
Some cases in point. 1. Friday afternoon. 3 students. Plus one helping for a bit - project is nothing to do with him. After school. Filming their Italian piece for an hour and a half after school. Scripted, costumed, pretty organised, hav (More)
Maths so far
1. What parts of maths have you enjoyed this term and why? I enjoyed maths this term when we were playing the probability games as they were engaging and enjoyable ways to learn. I really enjoyed when we did the Melbourne Cup Day betting as it wa (More)
Science Progress & Importance of Enjoyment
I am in a good mood with the science project. Yesterday, in period six, I wrote two pages of notes. Incredibly proud! I'm not sure what happened, I just sat down and got to it. I think it's because I'm investigating something that I am interested in (More)
Thoughts on Friday's English Lesson
Period 4, 9th of November 2012. English. On this day we did two things... a) studied The Veldt by Ray Bradbury and b) we utilized a rather strange but enjoyable learning style to jot down our thoughts about Bradbury's short. I remember studying t (More)
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