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\"MATH\" Greedy Pigs
I chose a constant number that i would sit down on every time. I would also decide to get over or around 15 points so that my total score in the end would up to a good large number. At first I looked around the room at my classmates to see when they (More)
Ten Commandments
Moses came from a top of a hill with the ten commandments, ten rules of living life. Joshua lead the Israelities into the promised land which was acrosss the river Jordan. (More)
background of the 10 commandments
Egypt. time of pharaohs, wealth, slavery - Hebrews. children of israel. too many numbers, pharaoh worried try’s to run them in to the ground to kill them. throw all baby boy of Hebrews –  thin out numbers force girls to marry egyptian men and take on (More)
Prison Break
About a week ago in maths we played the game Prison Break which is a Probability game. I found the game to be interesting because it helped me to learn how to look at the concept of Probability in a different light. (More)
Prison Break
Q1) Think about your first numbers and how did the choices you made influence the game. Why did it chance?       (More)
My First Ever Blog!
This has been fun so far even though I am being forced to make a blog. Normaly when the school forces us to do things it would normaly suck but this is suprisingly fun and I look forward to coninuing this blog (More)
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