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Mathematic Reflection
What parts of Maths have you enjoyed this term and why? I have enjoyed many things this term such as Probability when we created the game, My game was so amazing 'BEAN IN A BOWL'. This made learning about probabiltiy fun and more easier to enjoy a (More)
Trig maths revision test
Today we did a quick revision test in maths with 5 questions. I got them all right but there are a few things I need to work on. I need to learn all the formula's off by heart and also I need to remember to put the degrees sign after some of my answe (More)
making a survey
steps: 1) pick 4 points 2) choose a space anywhere inside the shape as your origin point 3) put a table and paper on the origin point 4) mark lines with a sighting stick to each of the points ( make sure you don't move the paper ) 5) m (More)
Monty Hall
What a strange concept, i thought during our mathematics lesson today. We participated in a well known activity known as 'Monty Hall'. Many students in the class were confused about how the game worked. The game consists of 3 doors which contain priz (More)
Monty Hall Problem
the monty hall problem is a game that beholds 3 doors. with in those doors there are 3 objects 1 car and 2 goats. the idea of the game is to collect the car. you are to select one door, either A, B, or C . then the host will open another door, and th (More)
Monty Hall problem
The Monty Hall problem is a probability puzzle loosely based on the American television game show Let's Make a Deal and named after the show's original host, Monty Hall. Suppose you're on a game sho (More)
The Monty Hall Problem
You are in a game show, you have three doors and behind two of them is no prize and behind one of them is a car. At first you have a 1/3 chance of picking the car behind the doors. After you choose the door of your choice the host them opens one of t (More)
Crazy Cars
Discuss theĀ meritsĀ of representing data in a tree diagram format rather than a systematic list.   When there is 216 possibilities it can be very long and tiring to write out all the types of possibilities. This is why a tree diagram can be (More)
Crazy Cars- Mathematics
crazy cars is a game with no real winning concept un like other games we have played. It involves one die and 4 players with the overall objective to see what type of combinations can possible be made after 16 rolls of the die. Each number accumalate (More)
Behind the Briefcase DEAL OR NO DEAL
As we participate in a mathematics activity which involves the use of the online Deal or No Deal? stimulus, we have been able to determine the probability behind such a game. I uncover that the result really does depend on the suitcase selected at th (More)
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