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I think that immigration is a good thing, as it can help those in need of trying to run away from a war controlled life. I believe that Australia needs to make it easier for those trying to come to our country. I think that we need to be more welcomi (More)
Bus monitor
In year 10 Religion, we watched a youtube video about a bus monitor. The video was about a young boy that was getting bullied on this bus on a daily basis, it was mainly two boys that were doing the bullying. Each day everyone would just watch thi (More)
Good Samaritan
Yesterday in our year 10 religion lesson we talked about the Good Samaritan story. We watched an animated video of the Good Samaritan, when you think about it the two men that walked past were very cruel and mean people. How on earth could you not (More)
Jewish Museum
During our year 10 transition week, all of year 10 went into the city to attend the Jewish Museum tour. I was very excited about this. When arrived we were all surprised with how much security they had at the entry of the Museum. Once we finally walk (More)
I had a great day yesterday on the 14 th of October at rockclimbing   (More)
Encouraging students to check their work
An interesting article on getting students to check their work (More)
Dan Meyer on Real-World Maths
8 amazing maths talks
Click here for 8 TED talks on mathematics. (More)
Cool sites I\'ve discovered these holidays (part 1)
1. Estimating angles (Year 7). 2. Rev (More)
Converting Units
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