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Smart Goals - Mentoring
My first mentoring meeting was on the 7th of November with my mentor for year 11&12 which is Mrs Gal. I’m very glad to have gotten her as my mentor because I have already been able to get to know her as she is my hospitality teacher so it’s also (More)
Hopes and Dreams
I\'ve never been quite sure what I wanted to do with my life after I leave school. There are so many things that one person can possibly do in their lifetime that it’s hard to make a decision. For me personally I usually change what I want to do with (More)
Hopes and Dreams
So far I am unsure as to what I want to achieve in life. I know after I finish school I want to travel and maybe do some work experience overseas. I want to become either a physio, builder or work in IT. I\'m not quite sure I will get the marks for (More)
My Goals
My Goals for the near future: 1. To create and stick to a study timetable 2. To get a minimum of 85% in each of my exams 3. To get at least 2 A\'s in my reports4. To give all subjects my full attention and actually try to do well5. To pay attention i (More)
Practice Embed
This is really cool! (More)
Mentoring with Mr. Hoy
I had my first mentor meeting with Mr. Hoy two days ago. It was good because I learned how to use my blog more effectively. It was also really good because we found some solid common ground; The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Turns out we both love the sho (More)
My long term goal for the end of year 12 is to achieve and Atar of 95 to get into the marketing and media course at Macquarie University. A possible obstacle for achieving this goal is having distractions inside and out of class such as talking to fr (More)
Today I had a meeting with my mentor and during the session we spoke about what areas I need improvement and what path i don't want to go down when i finish school such as the construction (More)
Reflecting on reflecting.
TO GO HERE - Reflecting on reflecting. - Analyzing blog. - Concerns with future of blog. - Mentoring. (More)
Half Way Mark Through the Term (Mentoring Blog)
This term I have done a lot in regards to learning and developing my knowledge of school life and also of what I want to achieve by the time I leave. Some of the subjects I have are engaging, but others aren't so much. I have really enjoyed Englis (More)
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