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Music blogging
ß flaws - bastille ß Marry you - Bruno mars ß Pachelbel’s Canon In order form a classical version of a song my group first chose to use Fla (More)
Music Blogging II
Our group has recently been able to form the structure of the the appropriated song (Marry you - Bruno Mars / Pachalbels Cannon), up to the first chorus. Annabelle - box drum, harmonies, beginning of first verse Tina - Guitar, first part of choru (More)
Music Blogging III Recently my group and i have been having trouble mashing our previous idea of Marry you by Bruno mars, with Pachalbels Cannon.The main problem was finding the right key to play both song in, and too play (More)
MUSIC - Process Journal #2
17/11/14 .... Today we practiced our pieces and recorded a process video before we finalise and record the final piece. The recording was good, the improvs from Alex and Nicholas were great and everyone once again played their parts well. One issue i (More)
MUSIC - Process Journal #1
11/9/14 .... The boys today finalized the three songs we would appropriate and we decided on Spring and summer composed  by Vivaldi, spring being changed to a 60\'s rock feel (beach boys inspired) and summer being turned into a Latin rock piece simil (More)
Music - Whats going on
When we first heard about this task, we grouped up and formed 3 groups within the class. My group consists of Annette, Annabelle, Claire, Joanna and myself. Claire: violin Joanna: piano & vocals Annabelle: singing & possibly percussio (More)
Cloud Control cover Blink 182 \'Dammit\' for Like A Version
Cloud Control take on iconic punk rockers Blink 182 and give \'Dammit\' a stripped back spin. Subscribe: Like A Version is a segment on Australian radio station triple j. Every Friday morning a musician or band comes in (More)
Arctic Monkeys cover Tame Impala \'Feels Like We Only Go Backwards\'
Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys swaggers his way through Tame Impala\'s \'Feels Like We Only Go Backwards\' for triple j\'s Like A Version. Subscribe: More)
AIM & Trackdown Studios
The Australian Institute of Music is Australia\'s leading music and creative arts school for the Australian music industry. Today we went there on an excursion with our music class. We went into the More)
My Music Experience During High School
I have begun playing the saxophone in the Year 7 in the Instrumental Program at school. I had always liked the saxophone and always wanted to try it out, but never had the opportunity. It wasn\'t until Year 7 Orientation Day 2009, that I finally had (More)
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