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Cave Crawling
On Tuesday the 14th of October, Yr 10 Caulfield of Rosebank and 3 other Yr 10 house groups hitched a longer-than-it-should-of-been bus ride to Villawood to participate at the \'Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym\'. Seeing as our bus driver was seemingly lost (More)
Reflecting on School & Mentoring
Today i participated in a mentoring session which aimed to reflect on myself and my progress throughout this term aswell as discuss what the future entails. This term has so far been successful, allowing me to grow and reflect. As i reflect in my men (More)
Science Project Update
In science we have been conducting projects. For our Project we are doing a primary school demonstration. We have made the decision to create a travel booklet which contains information on various planets. The students will then have to reasearch int (More)
As the end nears, it is finally time to change my negative qualities. For years i have been undetermined. Within the next term, i have an important role, that is to became a better student to accomadate the upcoming 2 years. For years i have been sca (More)
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