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Sydney Jewish Museum
On the 15th of September, we went to the Sydney Jewish Museum. It was a really interesting and eye opening experience. Whilst we were there, we went on a tour through the museum and then listened to a holocaust survivor talk about his experience. (More)
Rock Climbing - Transition Week
Rock climbing was an extremely rewarding experience that tested my willpower, physical strength and ability to overcome emotional struggles. Though the activities definitely seemed daunting at the time, conquering the walls and escaping the caves boo (More)
Rock Climbing - Transition Week 14/10/14
Today, as part of our transition week, we went to an indoor rock climbing center. Whilst climbing, we faced many obstacles. The qualities displayed in this activity were trust, strength and willpower. The experience was one that tested both physical (More)
8 days a week - Utopian visions?
I\'ve been thinking about how we run schools. As so many commentators have noted, we still operate on factory lines and production models. Why? At Rosebank, we\'re about to bring on line another sta (More)
Midway moments - AKA Battle of the Midway
Week 5. First round of 1 to 1 mentoring meetings. Organisationally? Logistically - not quite as bad as I thought it would be. The pluses? We seem to have used google docs reasonably well to 'collaboratively' organise time slots in such a way that (More)
Sydney Jewish Museum Excursion
I am so proud of my beautiful homeroom. The morning was productive in terms of creating a contextual understanding of what they were going to see, hear and experience at the Sydney Jewish Museum. They engaged honestly and thoughtfully with our guide (More)
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