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First Contact
The participants thought badly of the Aboriginal population of Australia. In the first episode they 6 participants wen to live with an Aboriginal families, three stayed with one family and the other three went with another family. One of the family\' (More)
Rock Climbing
On the 14th of October 2014 homerooms Vaughan, Delaney, O\' Connor and Caulfield to the Sydney Rock Climbing Center. This was the second time I have gone rock climbing. There was many different climbing activities that could be completed. Some were m (More)
Living on the edge
Rock climbing was a fun and entertaining activity that Year 10 participated in today. Although I didn\'t participate due to an injury, I had the opportunity to watch my fellow peers support and work with one another to achieve their goals and fears.  (More)
Rock Climbing - Transition Week
Rock climbing was an extremely rewarding experience that tested my willpower, physical strength and ability to overcome emotional struggles. Though the activities definitely seemed daunting at the time, conquering the walls and escaping the caves boo (More)
Rock Climbing - Transition Week 14/10/14
Today, as part of our transition week, we went to an indoor rock climbing center. Whilst climbing, we faced many obstacles. The qualities displayed in this activity were trust, strength and willpower. The experience was one that tested both physical (More)
Activity 7
The effects of harassment for all everyone can be serious. Harassment is prohibited discrimination that violates Human Rights and should not be tolerated by anyone. Engaging in harassing can result in disciplinary actions this includes suspension, be (More)
Learning A New Skill 4
#4 21st November 2012 My Final Work! 🙂 (More)
PDHPE How To 360 Flip More)
Learning Arabic
In PDHPE this term, i have challenged myself in an attempt to learn the arabic alphabet. Although it is a hard to remember, i found repetition was the easiest method in learning to remember this. (More)
Attempt 4 - Writing with my left hand
I am still struggling with writing some letters because i am still not able to hold the pen properly, even though i have improved a little bit. Everytime i feel more comfortable with holding the pen but i still continue to struggle. This video also h (More)
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