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Ten Commandments
Moses came from a top of a hill with the ten commandments, ten rules of living life. Joshua lead the Israelities into the promised land which was acrosss the river Jordan. (More)
What is a new skill that i can develop? I want to learn to write the Greek alphabet left handed Who uses this skill? left handedGreek People Where can i find my information about the type of skill it is? The internet, Greek school teac (More)
PDHPE - Where are we now?
Well, unfortunately we didn't make anymore video logs past Session 2. It's quite sad, actually. You see, Levi and I had grand plans. We were talking 25m hits, wall shots etc. Yet, all we can do now is hit straight for 12.5m or chip a ball in to a bin (More)
Fifth Log- Time has screwed me over again!
Or maybe it was me that stuffed up by trying to learn 10 techniques in such a short time span where I don't have many PE lessons and other kinds of work to do. Either way, I cannot possibly learn all the 10 first aid techniques with this thing being (More)
My PDHPE skill progress
Hi guys, This is a progress video of my choesn skill top spin in tennis. I was ok with the shot on my first few attepmts but with some practice and some research i was able to improve my shot, it isnt really the best shot but i think that it is an (More)
in todays lesson, my guitar teacher left me to fend for myself. ive since decided that learning the guitar on my own with no ones words of wisdom will be too difficult... especially since i have no guitar. ive now been inspired my meadhbh to knit a s (More)
PE update
Techniques (More)
Fourth Log- Recovery Position
The recovery position is used when someone is unconscious (passed out) but otherwise unhurt and breathing normally. If they have a back or neck injury, DO NOT MOVE THEM. It was a bit harder to do than I anticipated, but this really doesn't take (More)
How to shoot a basketball
The practice I have been learn is to shoot a basket ball from 2-3 m from the hoop. I am learning my skill though obseving skills of otheres and im going to try learning through a video , step by step instructions and through pysical practise. (More)
Third Log- CPR
So the first technique to learn was CPR. I picked it up pretty easily by researching from a variety of different sources, reading over my method and memorising it and finally by practising on one of the school's CPR manikins/dummies- whatever you (More)
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