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Making Moral Decisions in Contemporary Society- Going to War
Making moral decisions in everyday life requires a specific process. This process for a religious adherent could involve: Acting upon the issue Intention of the action End Result of the action When making a moral decision, attention must b (More)
Moral Responsibility-Quotation analysis
\"Freedom consists not in doing what we like but in having the right to do what we ought.\" Pope John Paul II Explain what the quotation is challenging you to do or to be? The quotation is challenging the audience\'s perception on the nature of (More)
\"Beastly\" Film Study
Plot The film \"Beastly\" portrays the persona (Kyle Kingson) and his transition from a self-centred individual, to a person caring for the people around him. Kyle is a spoiled, rich teenager, the son of a wealthy news anchor Rob Kingson who finds (More)
Bus Monitor Bullied
The clip \'Bus Monitor Bullied\' portrays a group of school children on a bus yelling rude and harmful words towards the bus monitor on a bus. The bus monitor that is sitting on the bus ignores the children\'s rude remarks. One bystander watching the (More)
Good Samaritan Parable Task
The parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) highlights the message of the bystander using their moral values to assist one in need. It encourages others to \"go and do the same\". The parable speaks of a man asking Jesus what he must do to have (More)
Debrief of Museum Excursion
The excursion to the Sydney Jewish Museum allowed all students gain an insight towards the causes and implications of the views and concerns of the German people during the time. The walk through the museum was quite confronting and revealing, openin (More)
Define Sin- Wordle
This is my wordle to define sin. (More)
Bus Monitor Bullied
In the video, Bus Monitor Bullied (, we see Karen Klien being called all sorts of names and being verbally abused by a bunch of kids from a nearby sch (More)
Sydney Jewish Museum
On Friday 19th October, the whole of Year 10 went to the Sydney Jewish Museum in Darlinghurst. The whole day was an amazing experience for me personally as I learnt a lot more there about the Holocaust than I have ever learnt about the Holocaust a (More)
How to make a chatterbox out of Oragami
Follow these simple steps to make a chatterbox out of oragami. 1. Fold and cut a piece of paper to make it the shape of a square. 2. Fold the square in half and half again then unfold it so there is a crease along the middle of the square. 3 (More)
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