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Moral Responsibility
\"Do to others as you would have then do to you\" Matthew 7:12 This quotation is challenging us to treat everyone with respect,  to help others who are in need and to become better and more respectable people. This means that if you treat others w (More)
The Redemption of Kyle Kingson in \"Beastly\"
Kyle Kingson is a student who treated many of his classmates badly just because he thought he was more handsome and more superior to them. He then becomes cursed by one of the students and that spell changes his physical appearance and makes him ugly (More)
Response to \"Bus Monitor Bullied\"
This was a completely upsetting and unexpected video. That is extremely rude and horrible to put down someone else for their own entertainment. She is a elderly woman and deserves to be treated with respect. These kids were horrible and awful to call (More)
The Moral Imperative to \"Go and Do the Same\"
The moral imperative to Jesus\' words, \"go and do the same\" is implying that we should all be as kind, caring and loving as the Good Samaritan. If someone is in trouble, upset, unsettled or in need of help, we must not turn a blind eye and be an by (More)
The Issue of Balancing Loyalty to Authority with Personal Moral Responsibility
Many of the Nazis followed the rules and orders of Adolf Hitler. Hitler\'s orders were to exterminate all Jews from the earth. His men followed his orders as Hitler was such a successful politician and leader to the new Nazi Germany. But even knowing (More)
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