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The movie beastly was a representation of the Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast”. The movie is a modern day fairy tale set in today’s society, the movie relays the message that a person should be judged on the ‘beauty’ of their heart, not the person (More)
The Right to do Wrong- Bus Monitor
As I was growing up I was constantly targeted by bullies. I don\'t entirely understand why it was always me or how it started, if it was because it was my relation with a certain family member or because I wasn\'t good at thinking before I spoke( mor (More)
Jewish Museum- Loyalty to Authority vs Personal Moral Responsiblity
If a person’s moral responsibilities and beliefs do not correlate with the laws their country is governed by, does that make them a criminal? This question ran through my brain throughout our visit to the Jewish Museum, I could not fathom how a socie (More)
In our current society, one of the main characteristics that we judge people by is their physical appearance. We fail to interpret our initial opinion about someone on their tries inner beauty in comparison the external characteristics. To learn abou (More)
Who is my Neighbour?
In the globalised society that we live in today, we no longer have neighbor in our street or village but in our suburb, state, nation and entire world. We no longer live within a small community, but instead an interconnected world where we can commu (More)
Kyle Kingson in \"Beastly\": The Path to Redemption
Beastly is a film that explores the relationship between an outsider and a \'beast\' (Kyle Kingson), a previously handsome and well-loved high school student whose obnoxious attitude did not match his exterior. As the film progresses, he begins to re (More)
Freedom: A Reflection
Freedom consists not in doing what we like but in having the right to do what we ought. - Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II is raising an important point; what exactly is freedom, and what are we called to do with it? He suggests that being fre (More)
Sin: A Reflection
How do I define sin? Sin, simply put, is a transgression against God. When we sin, we are turning away from God; away from inherent goodness. When we hurt (More)
Sydney Jewish Museum
Visiting the Sydney Jewish Museum last week was a very enjoyable whilst also reverent experience. Not only were we able to gain information about the Holocaust during World War II but also here personal accounts from a survivor and learn about the pe (More)
Values and Morals: Bullying
As we grow older, we change in more ways than one. In some cases, the person we become can be almost unrecognisable from the one we identified with less than five years ago. And, in that same way, our actions in times past can seem strange or odd to (More)
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