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Hello world!
Moral Responsibility
why do people think that its right to make fun of some one else and think that its rights and not feel like like they are doing something wrong and not been moral responsibility, and i also think how can they live like that. all people are expecte (More)
sydney jewish museum/ holycaust
earlier this term we visited the syndey jewish museum, soon after arriving i learned that 6 million jews were killed  in the name of hilter the pm of germany at the time. he started a holocaust and had 6 million Jews killed, he also had Jehovahs witn (More)
The movie beastly was about a guy who was up him self and treated everyone who wasn\'t good looking like they went even human. he always lived by one quote \"Beautiful people get it better\", because he thinks beauty is the only way you can get bette (More)
Values And Morals: Lady Getting Bullying
This video really sadness me because no one does anything to help the lady in the bus when she was getting bullied and she was their to protect them. The thing i want to no is why where they bullying her in the first place and making fun of her when (More)
The Right And The Wrong
This story is a story about humanity, The good Samaritan story. This story is about a man who got beat up and left on the street to died, the interseting paart is that people just walked by and did not help him including a priest that should have hel (More)
Sydney Jewish Museum / Holocaust
A couple of days age we want to the Sydney Jewish Museum to learn more about the holocaust and how the Jewish People lived during World War 1-2. (More)
A place without rules
Burwood westfield is already very uncontrollable and lots of bad things happen, if it had no rules or regulations it would be even worse than it already is. Without rules Burwood would be uncontrollable, people would be going around doing whatever (More)
Moses and the and the story of the Promised land
Egypt. Pharaoh. Slavery. Hebrews. Pharaoh’s worried about the number of Hebrews. Pharaoh tried to kill all the baby boys. Princess of Egypt (Pharaohs daughter) finds a baby in the basket and calls him Moses. Moses gets taught Egyptia (More)
Ten conmmandments
What do u think think is going to be in this unit? I think in this unit, we rae going to be learning about the ten commandments and how they became to be the bases of the catholic church. (More)
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