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Wednesday morning bliss
Learning is always great, but have to confess I\'d rather be going on the boat today and learning about Brisbane Water. (More)
8 days a week - Utopian visions?
I\'ve been thinking about how we run schools. As so many commentators have noted, we still operate on factory lines and production models. Why? At Rosebank, we\'re about to bring on line another sta (More)
Fantastic Fridays - AKA The Happiness Project
So, this year I’m working four days a week. And, its incredibly liberating to say the least. Don’t get me wrong. I love my job. I love teaching, I love the kids, I love talking and thinking about learning. What I didn’t love was how much perspectiv (More)
The good, the bad, and the ugly - year 10
End of year is fast approaching, and it's time to start documenting my reflections/evaluations on the year that was. What makes a positive school/learning environment that delivers strong learning outcomes for students? 1. High expectations (More)
Silent conversations
Experimenting with year 10 today - read them Ray Bradbury's The Veldt. I LOVE this story. I love the developing tension, the characterisation, the prescience. Amazing. I read it (More)
Seeing the future
Really interesting seeing what the kids predict the future will hold. Some see alien contact, renewable energy, others the end of school as we know it, end of monarchy, still more see a global state - one currency, others - the end of shopping centre (More)
Reflecting on reflecting.
TO GO HERE - Reflecting on reflecting. - Analyzing blog. - Concerns with future of blog. - Mentoring. (More)
Feeling, like many, a bit whelmed. There's LOTS to do - I've had to resort to taking a leaf out of the list makers of the world to try to get myself organised. Problem is lists kind of grow lists. Mostly, I just kind of organise myself mentally - (More)
Well, I had my mentoring session with Ms. Tracy today, discussing work ethics over the past few weeks and if anything has changed since the first session a few weeks ago. As a reflection on my own progress in the past few weeks, I can't say much h (More)
My mentoring lessons have been very useful to me in this term. Goals:  I want to get a B+ or over in my exams. I also want to make some profit and get organised for market day. I also want to finish my assignments in time and not leave it (More)
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