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Science project day 11
Today I finished my project and I am very happy with the way that it came out. I have put picture and slide animation into each slide and may just have to tweak a few things. (More)
Science project Day 10
I am now about half way done with my science project and it is looking quite good, I am currently still adding new information into each slide but hopefully by next lesson it will be done. (More)
Day 6
Today I watched the Science of Batman documentary and made pages of notes to do with the science of Batman and Superman. (More)
Day 7
Today I kicked Jackt out of my group because I dont think that he will be pulling as much weight in this assignment as me because he knows nothing about superheros. I on the other hand has been making good progress on my project by myself. (More)
Day 8
I was sick this day (More)
Day 9
Today I finished my research for my project and am now starting my actually powerpoint. I have made the title and the introduction. I know alot of people think that powerpoints are to easy and boring but I think that it is the best way to show my pro (More)
Day 1
Today is the first day of our science project and my partner is jacky. We picked to do the science of superheros topic because I am a massive comic book nerd and think that I would do well. (More)
Day 2-5
I was out of school for these days and did not do any work on the project. (More)
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