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More pictures from CERN
In Geneva, science learning at CERN
Visit to National Space Centre
National history museum
More from the L'OREAL science workshop
L'OREAL young science centre
Analysing bacterial samples from outbreaks of bacterial diseases workshopMore)
Molecular Gastronomy
Molecular Gastronomy is a type of science that can change the matter of food from solids, liquid, foams and it can also use heat melt it. Usually molecular gastronomy is quite expensive in restaurants as the process to make the foods (usually dessert (More)
Science: Term 4 Project - Reflection
During the last few weeks of Term 4, Mohammad Solaimanpoor have been collaborating on a Science project on the topic Frictional Forces. Although it has been a roller coaster working on this project, I can say that it help me improve a variety of skil (More)
Project Based Learning -Movie
Throughout Term 4, Year 10 Students were required to complete a series of activities revolving around researching and interpreting secondary sources, correctly sourcing information and using the research into formulating your own opinion. At the conc (More)
Science Day
The Surfing Scientist  (More)
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