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Yr 11 So far
Wow, so far year 11 has been pretty easy for me, I\'m on top of my assessments and I don\'t get a lot of homework which is even better. So far in English I tend to get lost here and there and sometimes I ZONE OUT but then I get back to reality. Th (More)
Who are they? Black, it was all you could see when the lights were turned off. The knights made their rounds as per usual. As they walked through the rigid pass you heard the closing of blinds. They were like a pack of lions sent from the gates of (More)
Daily Blog
OK, so I just had this genius idea! Hopefully every day I will put up a paragraph of this story I am creating to make it really nteresting so you can want to read more! (More)
Parent Teacher
Last night was great, I got amazing feedback from all my teacher and my parents were very impressed and happy with how I am doing in school. There was only positive feedback no negative which is great! This next report is going to be amazing and I\'m (More)
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