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The film  Beastly looks at a student (Kyle Kingson) who does not respect his classmates. He doesn't respect them because he is so vain and narcissistic. Because of his actions he is cursed by another students spell which causes him to be ugly like hi (More)
Parable of the Good Samaritan
There are many incidents where people are not good Samaritans, but there are many others where people are. An example where someone is a good Samaritan is when you are with a group of friends and you can see one of your friends are being left out so (More)
Values and Morals - "Bus Monitor Bullied"
Today we watched a video on youtube about a bus monitor that was bullied. I found it unacceptable that the students were bullying this woman. They were sitting across from her and calling her fat and teasing her continuously about her weight. The fac (More)
If there is no God, than anything is permitted...
I dont think that if there is no God anything is permitted. I believe that everyone should act morally and just. People should respect each other . No matter if there is a God or not people have to follow rules. NO rules causes anarchy = bad society (More)
If there is no God, then anything is permitted. Discuss.
For someone with no morals, this statement would be perfectly fine. But as most of us consider ourselves to be human, we must henceforth be humane. Everyone is grounded with a set of morals founded from their personal context. These set of morals wil (More)
If there is no God, then anything is permitted...
Even if there is no God, human behaviour is heavily regulated as a whole by perpetuated norms and by what society deems acceptable and not acceptable. These behaviours are codified by legislation and protected by law enforcement. While it can be said (More)
Sydney Jewish Museum
On Friday 19th October, we were taken on an excursion to the Sydney Jewish Museum to help us with the units we are learning about in school. It was a very interesting experience to see what happened to the Jews during World War II. They were all forc (More)
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