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Ground Zero Visit & Shooting at LAX
It is no surprise knowing that there is plenty of evil found in the world today and the United States of America I place I visited last month as a vocational trip is was there I discovered many different types of evil and people who clearly did not h (More)
Bus Monitor Bullied
The clip \'Bus Monitor Bullied\' in which a member of the community who is taking a job to ensure that the children are in best behavior whilst on the bust trip home from school, one day a few of the children from the school thought it would be funny (More)
Sarah\'s Key (2010)
The film Sarah\'s Key is a fiction story on a non-fiction event that has taken place, this such event was the Vel\' d\'Hiv Roundup which took place on theĀ 16 and 17 July 1942 inĀ Paris France and it was the taking of the Jewish people from there right (More)
Sydney Jewish Museum
The museum was a very interesting and valuable experience as i was very unaware of the main issues that faced the Jewish people during the dreaded Holocaust, I learnt new things that i did not know occurred during this point in time. Some facts th (More)
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