Overcoming Challenges and Facing Fears

Overcoming fears and challenges is something that I strive to do, although I often find it very difficult. When I do overcome these challenges however, I feel like I can achieve anything, and this really inspires me to push further to see what more I am capable of.

Today I, along with half of year 10, went rock climbing. Initially I was quite wary as to climbing the tall walls. They seemed quite overwhelming and my first thought was “I can’t do this!”. ¬†However, I pushed myself to try, and after climbing the practice wall, I had the confidence to go on. With each wall I climbed after that, I grew in confidence and strength, which allowed me to push myself even further and climb taller, more difficult walls. I gained the mindset that what you put in to the activity, you get out of it, therefore, once I started on the wall, I felt that I needed to finish the climb in order to get out of the experience that feeling of strength and confidence. ¬†The experience was great, and the adrenaline rush that I gained with each climb filled me with a sense of empowerment that I could do anything if I set my mind to it.

Rock climbing really is an activity where you have to put a lot of faith and trust into your partner and peers as they assist and guide you up the wall. I feel like this experience really strengthened my relationships with my peers and showed that we all have a lot of care for and trust in each other. The cave activities also worked similarly, whereby I worked with some people that I had not spoken much to before, to work our way through the dark cave obstacle course. This sense of trust that we had in each other really exemplified the relationships that one can build simply by having this quality.

Overall, the experience was one that placed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to face my fears. Overcoming these challenges showed me that I can achieve anything if I try, which also translates into my everyday life. I should apply this mindset to everyday situations in order to stress less and have the confidence to just take a leap to see what I can do.

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