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    Visit to the Sydney Jewish Museum

    October 14, 2014 by and tagged , ,

    Visiting the Sydney Jewish Museum was an interesting experience. The museum is full of items, photographs and documentaries that capture the horrific events that led and pertained to the holocaust, particularly from the perspective of the biggest victims involved; the Jewish people. The museum gave us a greater understanding of the actual experiences these people encountered, rather than just the statistics behind the events. Hearing from a holocaust survivor was a different experience altogether. He shared his story to the people before him, something that one can only assumed would have been extremely difficult. His tale of survival was hard to react to; in many ways I had no idea how to react. Probably the most emotional part of today’s experience was visiting an exhibit honoring the one and a half million children who died in the Holocaust. In many ways, you would expect to feel sad and down, but surprisingly, the experience almost made me feel emotionless, something that is hard to explain. Overall the experience was a very emotional and troublesome one, paying particular attention to the innocent victims of the Nazi regime. Visiting the museum, in many respects, is an experience that can put a lot into perspective.

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