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2014 is one year of the many that have seen the occurrences of the technological revolution in our society. In a very short time of approx. 10 years we have gone from listening to radios and watching videos on VCR’s to having I phones, laptops, Wi-Fi and social media websites that have opened a profound different number of doors to the general public. Essentially the new technological era that is growing year by year has bought a whole new world to life for people. It gives easy access to get in touch with others, technology to capture memories, skills to listen to music, watch videos and stay networked via apps and gadgets.

However, it has consumed people. Not many people get around day to day life nowadays without a phone and without accessing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Polyvore, Tumblr etc. at least once a day. The turnover for new release products such as I Phones, Laptops, iPads , Stereo’s, TVs, Play Stations, X-box and other devices is profoundly large. In 2014 alone, Apple has generated $54 billion dollars from over 75 million sales of their products in a single quarter; they are arguably the most successful retail company to date.

I personally believe that the use of technology needs to be regulated. It is not a natural thing for a human to be looking at screens for hours upon hours.  It is also becoming a need, not a want of too many people’s lives. With the use of social media and public profiling come many side effects.  Some of these can include peer pressure, bullying, mental illnesses, decreased motivation, laziness, risk of paedophilia from strangers targeting children online and others. With profiling apps such as Facebook and Instagram society is becoming able to become in touch with a person’s most memorable experiences with the touch of their fingertips. This can also occur without you knowing – from a complete stranger who may stumble upon your profile being exposed to your personal information.

Not only does it spark concerns for personal privacy, technology has been taken a hold by the media and in some cases used negatively. In my own opinion, the promotion of stereotypes, models (who tend to be photoshoped most of the time), clothing lines, beauty lines and latest trends is creative and interesting however it is consuming our society. 70% of girls in Australia have dissatisfaction with their bodies, with 9% of Australia’s population are diagnosed with an eating disorder. This is profoundly disturbing as this number in the scheme of things is huge. Eating disorders can be influenced by both biological and environmental factors. The environmental factors however seem to be overriding the biological factors modern day with the increasing attention the media is spending on fashion and beauty. This causes people, girls particularly to question their sex appeal and starve themselves in order to achieve the best “skinniest” body possible. People have learnt to adapt to a society these days that speaks expression through the use of superficial objects on the outside of a person. However, what we need to pin point is the constant struggle to stay in touch and keep up with the rest of the world by following everyone and the trends that they are setting. Along this confusing journey, we tend to loose ourselves, our self-respect and our self-worth, so is it really worth it? I wonder to myself, would this be different if the media publicised the importance of a good person on the inside and not on the out. How to respect yourself physically and emotionally?

Technology can be a marvellous thing. It can create memories, art, music, stories and more wonderful things that can be enjoyed. However in our world positives and negatives counteract each other this happens with technology as well. We must be careful to not let influences of media, technology and others make ourselves loose our natural wellbeing that is so important.

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