2 Quotes Moral Responsibility

Bob Dylan once said, “A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.” The challenge with this quote is the different ways that you can interpret it. The quote is talking about the responsibility that one has in life. It challenges a ordinary person to become a gracious person who learns to not take anything for granted. I believe Dylan was purely trying to express in his quote that to be a hero is not necessarily to be someone that makes a grand gesture, but merely someone who understands the responsibility that comes with being a role model.  This is exceptionally important because in modern day, we need people to behave in a mature, ethical and responsible manner due to the many challenges that life grants us with. The link in this instance between right action and true freedom is clearly evident. To be granted true freedom you must have the skills to be right and just first. This is what Bob Dylan is trying to establish in his quote.

Prologue, Rule of Benedict’s quote “Listen with the ear of your heart,” is a quote that clearly exemplifies the importance of listening to one’s heart. Benedict expresses the importance of the judgement by the soul of a person. Evidently, it can be interpreted that he believes that true judgement comes from the heart and not the head. By listening to your heart, you are able to love and show compassion to those who may need it. It also allows a person to morally and responsibly make decisions, with a conscious thought, not a rash one. Bob Dylan also followed a similar underlying message, that if you are true to yourself and can accept someone, life and yourself for what it is, then you will be truly free or able to listen to the world “with the ear of your heart.”

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