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Bus Moniter Bullied

As humans we deserve respect and dignity, no person should be able to take that away from us. There was no consideration in the way Karen was treated as a bus monitor by a group of children. The effects of this kind of relentless tormenting are something no one should have to endure or experience. These young children haven’t developed any morals and so they can’t understand how wrong it is.  The by standers in this video of Karen being bullied are as bad as the bullies. They enable and encourage the bullying with laughter, allowing this to occur is a reflection of their morals. Karen was alone and isolated without any help, her neighbours abandoned her. By-standers have the power to stop bullying and it is their responsibility and duty to do so. Standing up against a bully lets them know that it isn’t a joke and they are not gaining any respect from the immoral act.

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