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The Moral Dilemma of Stealing

Every decision we make is based on our individual morals and judgement. The issue and moral dilemma of theft is difficult to understand ¬†especially for those who steal in an attempt to provide for the people they love or just for themselves. Often people feel as though they have no option but to steal due to their social and economic status. So morally, is stealing to survive okay? I believe the answer is different for everyone depending on their experiences and opinions and beliefs. Many of the disadvantaged here in Sydney often find themselves without a home and without money. Volunteers and non for profit organisations like homelessness NSW help to provide and support those who have lost their way. These people without help may be forced to steal in order to attain their basic needs. The bible says “you shall not steal”- Exodus 20:15, this message shows us that to steal another mans possessions out of jealousy or hate is wrong, we have all grown up with this basic understanding. Society and those around us also influence us and build our view on theft especially when it is out of desperation.

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