Maths: How to do a survey

Steps on how to do a survey:

1. Grab a table, and place it in a centre of a large piece of land. Then put a piece of paper and apply blue tack on the back of it and place it on the table.

2. Place four different locations using objects like books, relatively far away.

3. Draw a dot in the middle of the page and then using a rule draw to each of the points all the way across the map.

4. Now make someone measure the distance from each point.

5. Put it to scale and mark it on the piece of paper.

6. Connect the lines to each other.

7. Label them as sides 1,2,3 & 4.

8. Using a protractor, find the angles.

9. Use the Cosrule to find the unknown sides with the known S.A.S.

10. Then use the triangle area formula 1/2 a x b x sin C to find the area of each area.

Now you have successfully done a survey!

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Science Progress

Currently in Science, we have to assemble our parts of the model i.e. the Sewerage System Model. We have gathered all our materials and are trying to find the best way to show it.

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PDHPE Juggling Progress

Quite rusty at the moment. This is a video from last week on Thursday’s lesson.
The file is too big even though I tried compressing it.

All the videos will be emailed to my teacher at the completion date. I will keep updating my progress as I go.


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Marionettes Inc.

Bradbury was successful in exploring the idea of the conflict between a man and a machine. I guess the ideas can’t be taken literally, but it really does question how much technology influences our lives. The language was very descriptive and detailed, and this helped him very much in explaining his “warning” to society.

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Personal Reflection – First Five Weeks & Next Four Weeks

Reflecting on the past 5 weeks, it has been an interesting start to term 4.

In English, we are discussing about speculative fiction. I do like some discussions we have done in English, but I would prefer if we focused on expanding our vocabulary, puncuation, grammar etc. but reflecting on the 50’s has been quite interesting, however this is not the most enjoyable outcome for me.

Maths – just learning some more advanced trigonometry and soon moving on to probabilty.

Geography – possible settlement locations was boring but  I guess the recommendation will be useful for senior years. We are now moving on to different Political Systems, a topic I enjoy a lot, hopefully we can have some discussions about, especially about actual governments rather than just the basis of what a government should be.

Religion – talking about Personal Moral Responsibility, more interesting than other topics in this year, but I would like to move on to learning about other cultures, beliefs, practices etc. which interst me more.

History – finally doing something relevant that I find extremely interesting. We are learning about revolutions, not just Australian History. I find this knowledge very useful even with the first couple of lessons learning about it.

Science – our project is interesting but im not sure if it’s relevant. We are making a Sewerage System Model of how to goes out to the sea.

PDHPE – the most pointless thing we are doing is learning another skill. I am doing juggling but I dont see the value in it.

Commerce & PASS – we are just doing our modules, i.e. in commerce – Market Day, my favourite subject this term, and PASS – we are learning about the Olympics and continuing previous work.


My direction in the next couple of final weeks:

I would really like to see myself reading more and more every night. Learning about more knowledge about the world, and really just preparing myself for future years and future studies. Another goal I wish to set myself is to aim to be more involved in class lessons, i.e. listening more intentively and also completing all the work to the best of my ability, which I can be quite lazy at times for. I also wish to make these achievements by the deadlines, and hopefully at the end of the term I can evaluate if the whole term has been worthwhile. At the moment, some subjects are more over the other, but in a whole, this term has been much more interesting.

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Bus Monitor Bullied

The video clip of the bus monitor being bullied was disturbing. What stood out the most to me was that the Personal Moral Responsibility of bystanders to not to anything, either by telling the school kids to stop bullying the old, frail women, or defending her. They most probably wouldn’t have acted the same way to their parents, what makes it different as all humans understand the difference of right/wrong, how can they think that this sort of behaviour is ok/normal?

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Speculative Fiction

If I travelled back into the 50’s, what would life be like?

Introduction of rock ‘n’ roll, one of my favourite genres. Would have been great to go to the balls, concerts, or play around with our friends every afternoon without been told ‘its not safe’…. Education only went up to year 9/10, so I would have basically finished school. If I was to go to university, it wouldn’t have been an option in my mind because we probably wouldn’t have been informed of the benefits of being educated. Culturally, there would be a very significant different. Furthermore it was the period of the baby boomers, so many kids would have been around the same age as me. Also, the gender role would have been different. Women would have been housewives, (typically) with the new technology being discovered i.e. washing machine, hills hoist etc. Also, milk would be delivered every morning and they would refill your glass, I think that times would be much more simplier and our awareness of other countries would be much less compared to today.


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Personal Reflection

Personal reflection on the importance of a Chrisitan following Jesus’ advice to go and do the same.

Today our class went into the chapel and read the Good Samaritan story three times (Luke 10:25-36) On the second and third time read, we did it in a lectio divina which involves scripture reading and saying important words that came to our mind.

We mentioned words like ‘how to achieve eternal life’, ‘love’, ‘neighbour’, ‘care’ etc. This is importance for Christians to follow Jesus’ advice because it allows us to achieve salvation.


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PDHPE New Skill

The skill I wish to learn is Juggling.

“How to Juggle Three Balls” Youtube Clip (what I’m basing it on)

Once i’ve learnt this skill ill try to juggle either more balls or different items.

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Science Project Sewerage System

The group members are Jonothan Park, Hugh Tan, Charbel Hanna and I.

We have so far designed the layout of our Sewerage System and are now trying to find our materials for our project

These materials include dirt, gravelm clear plastic tank, tubes/pipes, source of water, dye, mesh etc.


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