Beastly Review (Spoilers!)

The movie Beastly is a modern day take on beauty and the beast because the movie in a nutshell is a movie about a guy who has been cursed because he was being an asshole to creepy looking lady. The creepy looking lady puts a curse on the guy and makes him ugly and the only way he will go back to being “Man Pretty” is by getting a girl to say I love you, she would only say this about what’s on the inside and not what’s on the outside. In the movie his dad is repulsed by his ugly new face and then the dad basically locks him up in a room so nobody in the outside world would ever see his ugliness. In this movie The ugly guy starts stalking this girl who I think is that chick from that very bad movie “High School Musical”. Then in the end she ends up saying that she loves him and then he becomes normal again and they (Probably) live happily ever after.

In the movie I would say that the only good part was the scenes that Neil Patrick Harris was in. Neil was the ONLY good part of the movie because he is a great actor and he is hilarious.

I would give the movie a 2.5/5 Only because of Neil Patrick Harris.

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