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Gluten free cooking

October 31, 2014 by Lara Smith   

Gluten free cooking is beneficial for many age groups. Foods like rice noodles and stir fry are great examples of gluten free meals.

Rice noodles are a good base ingredient for many meals, as they have no gluten but they are still high in zinc, iron and fiber and due to the fact that they are so bland, they can be paired with any kind of sauce, making it a lot easier to create a meal with.

Stir fries are also good meals because they are, once again, gluten free, as well as containing many vegetables, they are cooked quickly which means there is less oil in them than other foods and also manage to keep the nutrition in the food unlike other meals that are cooked for a long time.

These meals are both great choices for people in the teenage year group that I am investigating, as they both contain plenty of much needed nutrients as well as being low in fat and easy to make. They are also gluten free so any teenagers with a gluten intolerance can still consume them, making it easier for them to make healthy food choices even with their dietary restrictions.

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  1. JONES says:

    I LOVE gluten free eating!
    My favourite thing to cook is rice paper rolls filled with loads of fresh herbs and vegetables 🙂 Im really pleased that I discovered Tamari- a gluten free natural soy sauce…

    Share some recipes with me!!

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